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Friday, September 27, 2013

About 4 drawer file cabinets

All About 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets
If your file storage system is overflowing with an overpopulated sea of files and documents, then it is time you settle in for the 4 drawer file cabinets. These suave furniture pieces are great additions to your office or business workspace and are the best solutions for securing the files and important documents.
While choosing the cabinets
Before you settle in for the furniture, make sure that your 4 drawer file cabinets serve your purpose appropriately. The cabinets must be able to stack the files in the present and must be able to save space for the future as well. It is wiser to bulk buy the furniture at once as you are assured of installing matching pieces.
Define the size of the files and documents to be stored. This will give you an insight into what type of drawers you need exactly. The legal sized files fit comfortably in long drawers while normal files require medium sized filing cabinets. Ensure that your cabinets have adequate rooms before you buy one. Also, keep in mind to check for the internal locks so that your data may be safeguarded from notorious elements.
Choosing the right kind of casting materials
The material for your 4 drawer file cabinets depends on your preference. Wood cabinets are expensive but they compliment the room nicely by adding an earthly and elegant look. However, metal cabinets are resilient to scratches and more durable than wood. They offer higher returns in investments in the long run due to their low maintenance and upkeep. Also, you can get more varieties in metal than in wood.
The costs involved
The costs involved in installing the 4 drawer file cabinets generally depends on the materials used, the locks employed and the dimensions of the furniture. It also depends on what kind of a system you want to install, lateral or vertical. Most organisations prefer the vertical drawers but they take up large chunks of wall space. However, lateral cabinets consume less wall space but they can adversely compliment the other furniture of the room.
How to assess the cabinet worth?
ü  The best way to measure the quality is to inspect the suspension systems used. They should be smooth and easy to pull in and to pull out. This condition must be fulfilled even when the drawers are fully stacked.
ü  Inspect closely for safety features including multiple drawer openings or prevention from toppling over. Check for internal locking features and counter weight drawers.
ü  The material with which the cabinet is casted must be thick and strong. The metal must have galvanized coating to prevent rusting. Similarly, the wood must be protected from termite attacks and water seepage.
ü  Going for additional features like fire resistant materials may cost you extra but will save your documents in case of a mishap.
Where to find cabinets?
The filing cabinets of different varieties and makes are available at most office supply stores and home improvement shops. You can also browse the web for online retailers like

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wooden File Cabinets For Your Workspace

Elegant And Classy Furniture: Wooden File Cabinets For Your Workspace
wooden file cabinets
Wood can never be out of fashion when it comes to furnishing the room spaces in the working places or homes. This heavenly material is the best option for those who want to transform their abodes into classy, earthly canopies. Needless to say the office space gets a humble look with beautifully done wooden furnishing. Most of the enterprises prefer the wood furniture as it is chic, elegant and convenient. It is worth mentioning that till the late 1960s wood was the standard furnishing materials for office spaces. This calls for attention to the conventional usage of wooden file cabinets for storing documents. These cabinets are traditional and fashionable. Moreover, there are thousands of varieties and designs to choose from.
Why settle for wood furnishing?
The wooden file cabinets in your workspace offer quality storage of sensitive and confidential data files. They have better quality of drawers which have smooth gliding. Their security locks are also less likely to break open as compared to metals. As wood can blend in any environment, the question of a wooden cabinet countering room furniture is out of context. Wood gives a homely perspective to an area. This is essential in offices for a healthy work culture.
The design scope of wooden furnishing
The modern day manufacturers of wooden file cabinets offer various levels of finesse over various different wood types. You can select from a wide range comprising of cheery, oak, walnut, maple or savour the exotic qualities of rosewood, birdseye and sandalwood instead. The wood panels also offer different colours when chemically treated. You can select from onyx black, Tuscany brown, mahogany or others of your choice. Now a days, you can also put on layers of other materials like mica, metal sheets to give the wood your preferred design.
If properly tended to, wooden file cabinets last just as long as their metal counterparts. Some furnishings even last for generations and are inherited by the descendants. In the long run, a high quality wood cabinet can be both economical and practical.
Limitations and advantages of wooden file cabinets
While metal offers more varieties in appearance than wood, however, it is no match for the durability and finesse of the wooden file cabinets. They carry their warm, wonderful aura to the workspace they are installed in. They create a sense of cosiness and homeliness to the ambience which is lacking in metals. Wood offers splendour and grandeur without compromising the productivity.
Wood offers sufficiency with beauty. Their sheer presence inside the workspace generates tranquillity. However, you must have to be cautious about the pest attack on wood. Wood furniture is prone to termite attack. These insects can eat up the racks from inside and destroy your documents as well. Make sure that the furniture is sprayed with insect repellents once in a while.
There are other downsides as well such as fire and floods. While the metal cabinets have advantage in such cases, however, they are no match for the comfort and ease of wooden file cabinets.
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